Kim McMahon

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  • Winter Park, Colorado
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    The technology bug hit when in 1999 Kim took a job with Silicon Graphics and high performance computing was THE place to be. Fast forward to 2017 and Kim is now part of the {code} team where she STILL has the opportunity to work with open source, community, and cool cutting edge technology.

    Kim’s expertise is in digital marketing strategy and spreading awareness via marketing channels. Before coming to {code}, she had the amazing opportunity to work with clients all over the world and in multiple technologies. Outside of work, she is involved with the Supercomputing Conference communications and digital marketing activities and volunteers with various foundations in the Colorado area to support their marketing activities and drive their message. When she is not working, you will find her hiking in the Colorado mountains with her two labradors Coal and Connor, skiing, or cooking.

    From the {code} Blog

    More posts from the Blog