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ansible-scaleio Infrastructure as Code ScaleIO ansible playbooks View Project
csi-scaleio Infrastructure as Code See the VxFlexOS repo for the new driver! View Project
Dockerized ScaleIO Tools and Libraries This repository provides Dockerfiles to create a ScaleIO cluster on 3 Docker... View Project
Flocker Drivers Infrastructure as Code This is a collection of the EMC storage platform drivers for ClusterHQ's Fl... View Project
goscaleio API Binding ScaleIO package that provides API bindings for Go View Project
knife storage Infrastructure as Code A plugin to enable storage provisioning/management from Chef knife CLI View Project
Puppet for ScaleIO Infrastructure as Code A Puppet module for installing, and configuring ScaleIO 2.0x data services components. View Project
ScaleIO Framework Software Based Infrastructure The ScaleIO Framework implements an Apache Mesos Framework to manage the li... View Project
ScaleIO Fuel Plugin Infrastructure as Code Fuel plugin for ScaleIO storage backend integration View Project
ScaleIO Gateway Tools and Libraries ScaleIO Gateway Docker Image View Project
ScaleIO-py API Binding ScaleIO API Bindings View Project