Past Webinars

{code} Webinar – Pravega: Rethinking storage for streams Data streams capture both spatial and temporal properties of real-world events. Such events can be indistinctly generated by end-users when they interact with social media, shop online, and s... Watch Replay
{code} Webinar – Winter is coming: Who will win the Container Wars? Join us for the next installment of the {code} Webinar series, this time with Josh Bernstein, VP of Technology at Dell Technologies. In this {code} Webinar, Josh will give his unbridled view ... Watch Replay
What’s in a runtime? Comparing and contrasting today’s container engines In this webinar we’ll do a comparison of the existing container runtimes, as well look at the projects and foundations that have arisen to make sure there is a common container standard for... Watch Replay
Container Storage 101 – Highly Available Applications on Docker, Kubernetes and Mesos Join us for a {code} Webinar with Kenny Coleman, Developer Advocate at {code} by Dell EMC, where he will cover everything you’ve ever wanted to know about managing highly available ap... Watch Replay
Kubernetes overview and 1.6 update with Matthew De Lio A public {code} Webinar for the larger {code} Community where Matthew De Lio, Product Manager at Google for the Kubernetes project and Google Container Engine, joins us to talk about Kub... Watch Replay