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{code} Labs Infrastructure as Code {code} Projects in Action View Project
{code} Vagrant Images Tools and Libraries All {code] by Dell EMC related Vagrant projects View Project
ansible-scaleio Infrastructure as Code ScaleIO ansible playbooks View Project
ceilometer-ecs Infrastructure as Code This project provides custom Ceilometer meters for EMC Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS). View Project
CoprHD Software Based Infrastructure read-only mirror - look at info below View Project
Dockerized ScaleIO Tools and Libraries This repository provides Dockerfiles to create a ScaleIO cluster on 3 Docker... View Project
Dockerized Symcli Tools and Libraries Dockerized EMC Solutions Enabler View Project
dvdcli Infrastructure as Code A tool for exposing native Docker Volume Driver functionality through a CLI View Project
ECS Service Broker Software Based Infrastructure Cloud Foundry Service Broker for EMC ECS Object Storage View Project
ECS-Dashboard Application Kibana Dashboards for EMC Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) View Project
EdgeX Foundry Internet of Things A vendor-neutral open source project building a common open framework for IoT edge computing. View Project
EMC-Zabbix Tools and Libraries Integration for Zabbix and the EMC ECOM server for VNX1/VNX2 Monitoring View Project
fast report Tools and Libraries Reports per-device Symmetrix FASTVP policies & associations, capacity, and binding information View Project
Flocker Drivers Infrastructure as Code This is a collection of the EMC storage platform drivers for ClusterHQ's... View Project
gocoprhd API Binding Go Library for CoprHD View Project