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ansible-scaleio Infrastructure as Code ScaleIO ansible playbooks View Project
Dell EMC OpenManage Ansible Modules Tools and Libraries Dell EMC OpenManage Ansible Modules View Project
docker-volume-vmax Infrastructure as Code Provides persistent block storage for containerized applications using VMAX... View Project
Dockerized ScaleIO Tools and Libraries This repository provides Dockerfiles to create a ScaleIO cluster on 3 Docker... View Project
Dockerized Symcli Tools and Libraries Dockerized EMC Solutions Enabler View Project
ECS-Dashboard Application Kibana Dashboards for EMC Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) View Project
EMC-Zabbix Tools and Libraries Integration for Zabbix and the EMC ECOM server for VNX1/VNX2 Monitoring View Project
fast report Tools and Libraries Reports per-device Symmetrix FASTVP policies & associations, capacity, and binding information View Project
fru-tool Tools and Libraries fru-tool is a command-line utility for generating IPMI FRU binary data files View Project
graphR Application The purpose of graphR. is to automatize and simplify the analysis of RVTool... View Project
iCDM4XtremIO Tools and Libraries A repository that stores sample scripts/modules that demonstrate automation... View Project
Isilon Shares Backup Tools and Libraries The script utilizing Isilon Platform API interface to back up shares, exports... View Project
knife storage Infrastructure as Code A plugin to enable storage provisioning/management from Chef knife CLI View Project
LabBuildr Tools and Libraries labbuildr is an fully automated tool to deploy windows vm´s and emc... View Project
Metalnx Tools and Libraries An Administrative and Metadata Management UI for iRODS. Start in Metalnx-we... View Project